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South Head Office:
23 Todd Street, San Fernando 

North Branch:
54 Alfredo Street, Woodbrook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have another branch other than in San Fernando?

Yes, we have two locations in Trinidad. Our south branch is located at 23 Todd Street, San Fernando. Our north branch is located at 54 Alfredo Street, Woodbrook.

Can you tell me a price for your Bridal Makeup and Hair?

We do not have one standard price for Bridal Dressing services as the cost is affected by various factors such as location; if you require us to stay on throughout the day for touch-ups; if there are other people’s hair and makeup to be done; type of wedding (Indian weddings tend to require saree-tying services); and other such factors. What we recommend is that you come into us, meet our glam squad, and have a totally free consultation. Then we will provide you with a price.


Who is Madame Maharaj?

Madame Maharaj was the founder and owner of the school. She was bestowed the title “Madame” after completing her studies in France. She was an incredible woman full of character and amazing talent for hairdressing and a passion for teaching. She was one of the first women ever to establish such a successful school in Trinidad. Despite her passing, the school is now run by her daughter-in-law and grand-daughter.

Do you do house calls?

Yes, we do! The requirements for us to come to you is simple: You either need to be a bride or have a minimum of 5 clients for either hair and/or makeup services. Cost varies depending on location.